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Collecting During Davening

Rabbi, I saw you recently addressed that if someone asks for tsedaka while learning, one is not exempt from giving. \

But, i feel there is another issue here – how is he allowed to approach you and interrupt your Torah learning?! This really bothers me as Isometimes daven in a minyan factory and usually at least 15 – 20 people come over and stick their hands in my face (some religious, others not) – while davening, and some start screaming nu, nu, tsedakah! Others poke you and demand money as if we – the mispallellim – are encrouching on their territory and must pay a tax! they do not care where davening is holding either [except for when tzibbur is by silent shmoneh esrei – but if i daven longer they will come over -and demand – even while i am in the middle of shmoneh esrei. Several times I point to the siddur – as if to say i am davening – leave me alone! but they just look in to and say whats my problem?

I know of an collector who would go around the beis midrash in the middle of seder – except to a certain adam gadol who once told him it is assur to do what he’s doing! it didn’t stop him though – only didn’t bother that adam gadol – he said its assur – rest of beis midrash didnt tell him that!

My question is (sorry about going on and on…)- what is the heter for them to be mevatel someone during tefilla and limud?


You are not the only one bothered by this phenomenon.

The problem is that if it would be one a day, or one coming round during pesukei de-zimra, this would not really be much of a disturbance.

The trouble begins when you have twenty of them. So for each one, it is hard to say that there is something forbidden here. As a group, however, it is certainly not desireable.

Some yeshivas/shuls have enactments concerning collectors going round.

Your minyan factory, as the way of minyan factories, does not seem to have this takanah, and I recommend davening in a more quiet place.

Good luck!

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