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Rinsing Net on Shabbos

My child of 6th months old enjoys fruit. We have this net that one can put fruit inside and the infant can suck the juices/fruit from the apple or melon without having to worry about choking. The net is made out of some cloth-like material. On shabbos can one clean out the net in between uses. The only way to clean the net is by soaking it or rinsing it in water. In my mind this seems like an issue of cleaning the the cloth-like net material. I wanted to hear the Rav’s opinion on the matter.


If the net is made of synthetic, non-absorbsive material (such as a type of plastic or nylon), there won’t be any problem.

However, if the material is cloth-like (as you describe), and absorbs liquids, there will be a problem of libbun in cleaning out the material.

You should check out what the net is made of, and this will determine the halachah concerning its rinsing on Shabbos.

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