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who are the rishonim

Who are the Rishonim that hold that asking a Rov a shailo when someone has a sofek in the din is counted as one of the 613 mitzvahs?


I don’t know which rishonim you are referring to here.

The Gemara (Nida 20b; Avodah Zara 7) writes that once a rabbi rules on a question another rabbi cannot rule to the contrary, but no Torah verse is mentioned (some rishonim explain that the rationale is that the question has already been resolved, and others mention the cause as the honor of the first rabbi). See for more details.

The Chinuch maintains that the mitzvah of adhering to rabbinic instruction applies even in our days, whereas other rishonim dispute this and maintain that the mitzvah applies only in times of the beis din ha-gadol.

Somebody who has a halachic doubt has to reach a solution, and this is the reason to go to a rabbi. If a person is able to reach the halachic verdict on his own, there is no need for the rabbi.

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  1. Dear Rabbi,
    What happened to the Hebrew priests after the Babylonian exile? I know they rebuilt the Temple, but what was their role and influence during the post-exile years?

    Shana Tova

    1. In the post-exile years the Priests gradually lost their influence, and the leadership transferred from the Priests to the Rabbis of the Mishnah and later the Talmudic period.
      Best wishes.

  2. Hello Rabbi,

    What would you say the “original” true meaning of the Hebraic version of “Metaphysics” really mean/t?? I’m not speaking of the 20-21st Century version of New Age/Thought Metaphysics. Thank You & Shalom.

    1. I don’t follow the question – what do you mean by the Hebraic version of Metaphysics? Please clarify.

  3. Dear Rabbi,

    In the Legends of the Jews (by Loius Ginzberg), Esau is not circumcised by Isaac because his body appeared red or haemmorhaged. Then at his bar mitvah he refused circumcision.

    Then, later on it says that Dinah was hidden in a chest/box upon meeting with Esau because of fear from Jacob that Esau would desire her as a wife.

    Then as punishment to Jacob, God said, “since you have not been given dinah into marriage to your brother, whats been circumcised, you will be given to someone who is uncircumcised to be ravished by their illicit passion” [referring to Shechem/Job?,according to tradition].

    My question is, How is Esau one minute not circumcised and the next minute, he was circumcised.

    Was Esau eventually circumcised or forever uncircumcised?
    Richard Sadig.

    1. The “Legends of the Jews” apparently uses different sources for different passages, and this is the source of the confusion.
      According to one tradition, Esau was circumcised (Pirkei De-Rabbi Eliezer, Chap. 28). This is apparently the opinion of the Midrash referring to Jacob’s “punishment.” However, another tradition holds that he was not circumcised upon birth, being red, and refused to do so later in life.
      Best wishes.

  4. I was reading this past shabbos your brochure that is sent out to all Shuls and in the back by halachic response the question was asked if you have an Eruv can you carry home your Tallis after daving the answer you gave was for folding and putting away so as not to get lost but I still do not understand the hader to carry it home you do not even speak about that some people hold you can fold a Tallis on shabbos which is fine so wear it home and then take off and fold were is the heter to carry it home can you please clarify this for me I was speaking to people in shul about this and they all said the same thing they still do not understand the heter to carry home as to wearing home thank you in very much for any input

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying.
      If a person relies on the Eruv, it is permitted for him to carry his tallis, and there is no obligation for him to wear the tallis home. There are some people who do not like to wear a tallis in the public domain, and therefore take it off and carry it, and this is fine if the Eruv is good and they rely on it for carrying in general.
      I hope this helps, and best wishes.

  5. Shalom Dear Rabbi!
    My name is Jacob aim is62 year old i have SSI government pay $797 doors every month and food stamp 208 .My sister is working for city my nephew do something but he got a little money she bout a lot close and i have a few shoes we are Religious Jewish they put every day in Tzedaka box money and she wont give to me from her Tzedaka box can she or not .Thank you .i wish you and your family happy and healthy Rosh Shanah.
    With love jacob

    1. It sounds like this will be fine. If you don’t have enough money for basic requirements, there is no problem with receiving the charity money. Best wishes and good luck.

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