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Chanukah Candles when Travelling

I am travelling abroad during Chanukah

I reach my place of lodging at about 2 in the morning – should I light when I arrive there?

Should my wife light for herself the nights that I am not home or should she be yotzei with my bar-mitzvah boy?

I arrive back home at ~ 3 in the morning – should I light at the place abroad before I leave and then light again when I arrive home?


1) If you will only be reaching the place of lodging at 2:00am, you should ask your wife/son to light for you at home, rather than lighting where you will be (see Mishnah Halachos 6:119).

2) At home, your oldest son should preferably light.

3) You should light before you leave, and preferably eat in the same place after lighting (see Shevet Halevi 8:138).

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