May I bless when I’m whitout a kippa? often during my day is for me impossible wear a kippa or any kind of cap. But during this time I drink or eat something, and I bless with a berachà, but without any cap? Am I wrong or not? Remeber that for me in these time is impossible to wear a cap, not that I don’t want, but it is impossible…


Although authorities dispute the nature of the obligation or custom of wearing a kippah, some authorities who write that there is no obligation to wear a kippah write that one must do so when reciting a berachah (Kol Bo 11; or Zarua 2:43; Tur, Orach Chaim 8; Rabbeinu Yerucham; Taz 8:3).

Therefore you should try to cover your head when you make the berachah, and this can be done with your sleeve (see Orach Chaim 91:4, and Mishnah Berurah 91:10).

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