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Kiddush on Beer

Can one say Kiddush on beer or whiskey?




In places where beer is a common drink, one can say kiddush on beer (396:2).

With regard to whiskey, there is a problem of drinking a meloh lugmav — the amount required to drink upon completing kiddush. Therefore whiskey should not be used for kiddush.

Note that some (in particular certain hassidim) make kiddush on Shabbos day on a shot glass of whiskey.

However, this should be avoided whenever possible (based on Mishnah Berurah 270:30, and most poskim; the lenient opinion is based on the Taz 210:1, who writes that the revi’is shiur does not apply to liquors, which is extended by Har Tzvi 1:159 to kiddush).

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