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Summary of Ezekiel 16

Could you give me a short summery of what Ezekiel 16 is all about? In particular, verse 55.


Ezekiel 16 gives a brief summary of the initial birth of the nation of Israel out of Egypt. Israel was born as a babe, that could not take care of itself, and it was washed, clothed, and taken care of by G-d. Yet, over time, the nation of Israel forgot all the goodness that G-d had performed for it, and became idolatrous, for which it was severely punished.

The focus of the chapter is on Jerusalem, or the kingdom of Judah. Although Judah had previously chastised the kingdom of Israel for its wickedness, it eventually followed in its wicked ways, and even outdid the wickedness of Sodom and of Israel, who are referred to as its “sisters.”

Finally, however, the cities will return from their destruction, meaning that they will be rebuilt. Verse 55 mentions the rebuilding of the three — Shomrom (of Israel), Sodom, and Jerusalem. The first two, whose wickedness was slighter, will be rebuilt first, and only then will Jerusalem be rebuilt.

The chapter ends with a message of hope: G-d will remember the covenant with Israel. Although Israel was trecherous, the covenant remains eternal.

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