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Secular Studies in Jewish Schools

If the torah is the most important thing to learn (for the jews), then how comes in yeshivas they teach us also secular subjects?
Why cant they edcuate us only Torah all day? Or is it because it’s the state law and its illegal (according to board of edcuation/government)?


Although Torah is the most important thing for a Jew to learn, this does not mean it has to be the only thing a Jew has to learn.

Like other human beings, even Jews need to earn a living and support their families, and in order to earn a living in the modern world, gaining a decent education in areas such as English and mathematics is fairly essential (of course, there are exceptions to the rule).

This is the main reason why many schools combine secular subjects with Torah studies. Indeed, it is a full mitzvah for a parent to teach his son an umnus (a trade), and this cetainly includes basic secular studies.

Chazal write that although there is no Torah among the non-Jews, there is definitely wisdom among the non-Jews, and it is fine for Jews to acquire wisdom in conjunction with their Torah studies.

I have not gone into the Talmudic debate over whether it is ideal or non-ideal for people to work; the basic assumption, as the Gemara writes, is that the way of the world is that people go to work to earn a living.

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