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Annulment of Vows

Dear Beis Din,

Hello, my name is Christopher Ma and I’m from the United States. I would like the Beis Din to annul my vows I regrettably made outside of prayer and in prayer. Will you be able to help me? Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.




The annulment of vows can be done by gathering three men together, and performing hataras nedarim.

The procedure involves mentioning the vow, and mentioning why it is that you desire the heter – what has changed since you made the neder (this is called the petach). The three assembled people then say: Mutar Lach, Mutar Lach, Mutar Lach.

This procedure cannot be done via the telephone or the Internet, and therefore you’ll have to find three local Jews to do it for you. It is a fairly straightforward matter, so you should not be worried.

If you have specific questions about specific nedarim, please submit again.

Best wishes.

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