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Cake in Meaty Oven

Lichvod Harav,

I generelly use my oven as fleishig – meaning I bake meat without covering it. Now, if I would bake something parve, will it always be Chezkat Besari (I have heard that some are lenient if they did not use the oven 24 hours in advance)?
Also, are all baking-dishes automatically fleishig, even if I only used them for parve items (as, for example, a cake dish)? Could I use these dishes in a milchig oven?


If the oven was used within the past twenty-four hours for meaty, some rule that the cake will be “bechezkat basari.” It remains parev, but it should not be eaten together with dairy food.

If the oven was not used in the past twenty-four hours for meaty, there is no problem in eating the parev cake even with dairy products (such as dipping a cookie into milk). This assumes that the tray on which the cookies (or other parev dish) is clean of any meat residue.

Many rule that this is true even if the cake is baked within the 24 hour period, provided that it is not baked together with the meaty dish.

The baking trays etc. are not fleishig if they are not used for meaty items, and they can in principle be used for a dairy oven. However, one must be


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