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Fasting with Anorexia

1) May a female with a medical condition of anorexia, not fast on Tevet 10(she does fast on Yom Kippur)? A family physician and doctors at the Eating disorder clinic believe that the health is at risk and a person should not fast. What is the halaha?

2) A baal teshuva couple, both are disabled persons on a limited budget,wish to have a kosher hupah. To avoid embarassment on the happiest day of their life, when all the sins are forgiven, and they join Klal Israel as a Torah observant new family, they wish to have a rabbi and two witnesses only. They value their privacy and do not belong to any congragation due to financial reason (they are poor and disabled and live on social assistance). May they have a kosher ceremony only with the rabbi and two witnesses? The chatan needs a surgery and there will be no lavish wedding, no buying a new appartment or a house. Their families are not rich. The community will not help (trust me on this one). What is the halacha?

3) When the esteemed rabbies answear a question on your website, why do they not include their name and contact information for a fםllow up clarification?

4) Is the website “kosher” from your understanding?

Thank you.

P.S. Is one obligated to pay you for your time from a Torah point of view, bli neder, and how much-thus need the name of a rabbi who answers the question.

5) Do not have a right to invade your privacy, but what do students in Kollel live on? Life in Israel is expensive, you study full time and have children and wives-do you get a stipend from the Kollel or you get a salary for the cases that you judge? Or one must have investments and family help? Sorry if my question is too personal.

With respect to you and your holy work.


1) The person in question should not fast on the tenth of Teves or on other fasts, other than Yom Kippur (Tisha Be’Av depends on an evaluation of her condition).

2) One can have a kosher chuppah with two witnesses alone and a rabbi who will record the couple as married. However, for the purposes of reciting the berachos, a quorum of ten men is required.

3) Names and contact information are not included for purposes of privacy. However, comments can be sent beneath the text of the answers, and the comments are modulated and usually answered.

4) There are differences of opinion concerning the “prophetic” nature of this website and the general use of autistic and handicapped children in these matters. If a person will have chizuk from the words, and they will bring him closer to Hashem and to observance of the mitzvos, it is fine to use it.

There is no obligation to pay. We answer questions to provide a service to Kelal Yisrael, and not for payment. However, the site does rely on donations for its existence, and all donations are welcome.

5) Kolel students live off very little. They do receive a stipend, and some wives work. Some students also do some work outside Kolel hours, such as writing and editing chiddushei Torah. It is true that studying in Kolel, in particular with a family of several children, involves a serious sacrifice, and is not easy.

The person who generally answers questions in English is Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer.

Very best of wishes, and apologies for the delay in answering the questions.

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  1. Thank you for your knowledge,honesty and integrity.May I contact rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer to thank him and does Rosh Yeshiva has a contact e-mail,to ask what it takes to become a student in your Kolel?Do you accept baal tshuva from North America who have an hosest desire to study halacha in order to live by our Holy Torah lishmah-but do not have a background most of your students have?Thank you.

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