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Eating from Non-Toveled Dishes

A person has become more observant than his parents, who do observe kashrut and shabbat; he sometimes eats with them though he does not live with them; they have not toveled their kelim; were he to suggest it his mother would throw a fit and complain that he has gone too far; we have really gone out of our way to accomodate you and now this… Any suggestions?


Eating from non-toveled dishes is not permitted, even under extenuating circumstances.

However, you can eat from disposable dishes, and if this is problematic, you can eat from china dishes, which most poskim hold do not require tevilah.

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  1. There appears to be leaniancies in this area which you have not discussed. Namely some rabbonim give heterim for food products which can be held without the use of a cli, also certain plates are glazed with glue and or glass like substance and do not necessarily require teviloh.

    1. Thanks for the point. Glass coating will not apparently help, because glass is obligated. I would appreciate more specifics on which heterim you mean.

  2. Some rabbonim give heterim for food products which can be held without the use of a kli.

    See the Aura of Shabbos by R’ S.B. Cohen.

    Rav Moshe Feinstein Zatzal (Igros Moshe Yoreh Deah Vol. s Siman 22) maintained that food that does not need a utensil, and the utensil is only being used to be civilized (such as a solid food) may be eaten off a non toveled plate in cases of necessity. However, foods that require the utensil (such as drinks, soup, pasta etc.) may not be eaten off these utensils ever.

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