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Joining Dough for Challah

Shalom! I have a question in regards to separating a challa. Bread, that I am baking, consist of 4 cups of flour, I cannot separate challa from this amount. So I want to prepare 5 batches of dough (it will have total 20 cups for challa separation), but I don’t know how to separate a challa without mixing all 5 batches together. If I’ll mix it, the bread will be not the same as original recipe. What is the solution in such case? Can I put all 5 batches in 1 garbage bag together(but in separated bowls!) and take a challa with bracha? Thanks a lot, looking forward to your answer. With great respect. Zipporah


You can certainly knead five batches of dough, and then “join them together” by means of having them touching one another, or if this is not convenient, by spreading a towel or other item above all five bowls of flour.

By being joined together in this way, the combined amount is obligated in challah, and challah should then be separated in the regular manner, with a berachah.

However, note that this “combination” only applies if you are not paritcular about the doughs becoming mixed together. If you are particular about the doughs being mixed together, it does not work to achieve a full obligation of hafrashas challah (see Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh De’ah 326:1).

[There is a dispute about cases where one is not particular for touching, but particular for mixing. See Chalas Lechem 5:16, and Pischa Zuta 5:6 — the Shulchan Aruch mentions both. Under such circumstances, one must separate chalah without a berachah.]

Best wishes.

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