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Repeated Hefsek after Sonohysterogram

Tahara Hamishpaha question.A lady became special (her cycle began) on Friday night. Next week, on Wednesday, before sunset hefsek tahara was O.K. On Thursday afternoon a medical test was performed at the hospital (sonohysterogram, to chek the felopian tubes and the uterus). As a result, on Thursday (before sunset) a test showed /moh dahuk/ a small thread of blood. Does the lady has to do hefsek tahara on Friday evening(to repeat it)? Thank you.


Because it is possible that the blood came from the rechem (the sonohysterogram involves the insertion of fluids into the uterus), the hefsek has to be repeated — unless it can be shown that there is a superficial makah (wound) that caused the bleeding.

Good luck!

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