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Opening Wine Bottles on Shabbos

Can someone use a cork screw to remove a cork in a bottle of wine for the first time and any time after on shabbos?


Yes, there is no problem in using a corkscrew to remove a cork for the first time on Shabbos.

The reason for this is that the bottle is already a vessel from before Shabbos, and the removal of the corkscrew does not make it into a vessel.

This is therefore not similar to forbidden actions of makeh be-patish, whereby a vessel is completed by a particular act.

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  1. What is the din if the cork has letters on it, and the letters will be cut into by the corkscrew?

    1. When inserting the corkscrew you sould be careful about this.

    2. I corkscrew a cork with words on it before Shabbos, pulling it about 2/3 of the way out of the bottle. Then on Shabbos you just give a tug by hand, and b’tei’avon. Unless it’s sparkling wine, you should be fine.

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