Is shloshim from day of kevura or from day of death?


The shloshim (thirty days of mourning) are counted from the day of the burial, and not from the day of the death.

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5 Responses to “Counting the Shloshim”

  1. This is not in line with all commentary that I have seen. The Shloshim period is counted 30 days from date of the burial.

    Please confirm?

    • Of course you are quite right. The original answer changed the words burial for death, and I have amended this.

  2. Thank you Rabbi – Freilige Purim to you!

  3. What is Day # 1 in the shloshim count? Is the day of burial itself the first day?

    Most sites state it is 30 days after burial. However, by that logic the first day is the day AFTER burial — is that so? (If you wrote one day after burial it certainly would be the logic.)

    Kindly clarify.

    • The day of the burial itself is the first day of shloshim.

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