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Gardener who doesn’t Send a Bill

I have a question regarding paying a gardener. The gardener comes at random times, and in theory gets paid per the amount of time spent each time he comes.

I say in theory, because he has never presented us with a bill! I would rather pay him each time he comes, but always seem to miss him. I have been a bit scared for a while that we are going to be hit by a huge bill, and so have asked him many times to give us a bill. He hasn’t done so yet.

The reason why I am so desperate to pay is that besides being scared about being faced with a hefty bill, that there is another gardening job that I want to do, but refuse to do anything new until we have settled our old debt. Additionally, I have set aside money for this new job, and how much I have left depends on how much I have to pay for the previous work.

He is now holding me back unfairly, in theory I could go to a new gardener to do the new job, but again, I don’t want to risk paying the new gardener, and then being hit with a larger than expected bill for the old jobs.

Is there anyway I can say to the gardener that if he doesn’t present me with a bill by such and such a date, then I consider anything I owe him to be null and void?


You cannot void any old debts, or warn to do so, which would be untruthful.

However, you can certainly warn the gardener that if he won’t present you with a bill, you will find a different gardener, and no longer employ him. Once you tell him that you don’t want him to work any more, unless he presents you with a bill, he won’t be able to charge you for any further work that he does.

I hope that this will help.

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