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Intention for Torah Study in Kerias Shema

Can one be yotzie Krias shma with dual cavanah. 1. For mitzvah 2.lilmud Torah? Thank you


Yes, but the principle intention is for the mitzvah of kerias shema, and the Torah study involved is secondary. There is also no need to have this intention.

The Gemara actually states that somebody who recites kerias shema fulfills his minimal obligation of Torah study.

Although authorities debate why this should be, and give various explanations, the recitation of kerias shema certainly involves some level of Torah study (though somebody intending ahavah rabbah to be birkas ha-Torah shouldn’t rely on the kerias shema alone, and should ensure he actually studies Torah after the prayer).

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with the intention of Torah study, because the mitzvah of reciting the Shema involves Torah study by its very definition. Yet this intention is secondary (and, indeed, automatic) to the primary intention of fulfilling the mitzvah of kerias shema.

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