Kavod HaRav,

I am a baal teshuva from a non-observant family (for several generations) of askenazic descent, I live in a sephardi community and always daven at sephardi synagogues. Can I go to a Pesach program that will have kitniyot if i don’t personally eat any kitniyot? What is the status of kitniyot based oils, for example, the common – soya oil which I am told would be used. May I attend? We do not have any family in this country to spend the holiday with and want very much to spend the holiday with the community and rabbi.

Thank you


There is no problem of attending, though you must avoid eating actual kitniyot (rice, beans, and so on).

Under these circumstances, you can be lenient with regard to oils made from kiyniyot, over which there is broad dispute among poskim.

Hope you enjoy and benefit from the program!

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