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Informing Boss of Recruitment Bid

There were two-three “bosses” in the company I work for. The third boss decided not to work for the company anymore bc he wanted to find something which made more money.

Now he’s working for another company. He is trying to recruit ALL the Sales Agents from the company I work for to the new company he works for. He is telling them it’s a much better job, less hassle, and more money. He’s doing this behind Boss number 1 and 2’s back.

Do you think someone should let the boss know? It seems extremely obnoxious and will ruin the company if he steals the agents away.

He asked me last week, “Do you think it’s rude if I recruited the agents?” I told him it was not a nice thing to do at all !
In addition to that, one way he’s trying to convince them is by telling them they could use all the merchant contacts they made with the old company and bring them into the new one, that way they don’t have to put soo much time and effort into it.


The bosses should certainly be informed of this.

If the company is under threat of going out of business, the action of the former boss will be forbidden (based on the ruling of the Aviasaf, as cited by the Rema, Chasam Sofer, Beis Efraim, and other authorities).

Even if the company is not under an existential threat, the actions of the former boss, as you mention, are far from scrupulous, and the current bosses should be informed, so that they will be able to defend the company.

Because of the clear necessity of the current bosses knowing, this will not involve a prohibition of lashon hara.

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