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Leaving Mishloach Manos Outside the Door

Regarding shloach manos. If a person appoints a shlioach or delivers shloach manos himself, and theres no one home. If you leave the shloach manos on the stoop or by the door, are you yozei the mitzvah lechathillah or otherwise?


If the person doesn’t receive the mishloach manos on Purim, the mitzvah is not fulfilled.

Under extraneous circumstances, a halachic transfer (kinyan) should be made on the mishloach manos for the benefit of the recipient, which means that the manos actually become his on Purim.

If this is done, even if he doesn’t receive the manos on Purim, some write that the mitzvah is fulfilled (Shut Maharia, Orach Chaim 207; Shut Penei Mevin 234, however, writes that the mitzvah is not fulfilled).


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