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Maariv Before Nightfall

Is it better for one to daven maariv before zman kriat shema with a minyan, and thus say kriat shema later. This is bedieved because shema is not said with the brachos. Or to daven alone at zaman kriat shema so that shema and the brachos are said properly together?


The regular custom is the first option, whereby maariv is davened early, and keriyas shema repeated again later. This has been the common custom, in particular outside Israel, for many generations.

The Vilna Gaon, however, prefers the second option, whereby a person should daven alone, after nightfall, rather than daven early and repeat keriyas shema later.

Some, in Israel, follow the opinion of the Gaon, but as mentioned, the common custom is to prefer davening early with a minyan.

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