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Selling Chametz While Away


I’m planning to be away from home the entire time during Pesach. Must I still kasher my utensils that I leave home or is it sufficient to do a general sale of chametz?


There is no need to kasher utensils if you won’t be using them for Pesach.

For concrete chametz, and for concerns of chametz, one must arrange a sale of chametz. There is no need to do this for utensils (that are clean of actual chametz).

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  1. For concrete chametz, is a general sale of chametz sufficient or must I actually remove the chametz from my house before travelling?

    1. Some, based primarily on the ruling of the Vilna Gaon, do not rely on the sale of chametz for actual chametz. Where this does not involve major financial loss, this is certainly preferable. However, the general custom (certainly outside Israel) is to rely on the sale of chametz even for actual chametz.

      1. There is no need for a source, because as noted, whenever an explicit condition is made, there is no doubt that failure to fulfill the condition will result in a mekach ta’us.
        The Rema in siman 291 refers to a house that is *assumed* to have a mezuzah. In this case, there is no mekach ta’us, the reason being that the obligation of mezuzah falls on the tenant, and therefore the assumption is misplaced.

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