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Internet Signature for Selling Chametz

Can an internet signature, act as KINYAN SUDER in a Chometz sale transaction?


An Internet signature cannot be a kinyan sudar. A kinyan sudar is a particular form of kinyan, and requires the transfer of an item from the buyer (or from a third party) to the seller.

However, it can possibly be considered a kinyan situmta: Because it has become fairly universal to make a binding contract by means of an Internet signature, it follows that this will be considered a kinyan.

However, the question is not generally important, because the acquisition between the rabbi (or other envoy) and the non-Jew is done with a wide range of kinyanim, and will not rely on an Internet signature.

The Internet signature is rather used for purposes of appointing an envoy who will sell the chametz. For this purpose, the Internet signature is certainly sufficient, for an appointment does not require a formal kinyan, and can be done verbally, by written communication, or over the Internet.

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  1. By this way i am appointing the rabbi to sell the chametz

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