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Leak into Downstairs Apartment

I bought an apartment from a kablan, who has been remiss in dealing with all the issues that need to be attended to in the building.
The apartment below mine claims that there is a leak coming from my apartment into theirs, and although they have contacted the kablan to fix it, he has not.
As they now want to sell their apartment, they want me to put the amount of money it would take to repair the leak into escrow, in-case the kablan doesn’t do the repairs.
Do I need to do this?


If the reason for the leak is a problem in your apartment, and certainly if by your turning on the faucet water is made to leak into your neighbor’s apartment, you will be responsible for the damage.

This does not mean that you are obligated to put the money into escrow — if the kablan is responsible for it, you don’t need to lay out the money until the kablan avenue has been exhausted — but I understand the neighbor’s desire to show potential buyers that the matter is taken care of.

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