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Renting Car over Pesach


I am looking to rent a car on Erev Pesach, and was wondering what are my obligations regarding chametz. I will take possession of the car after chametz is forbidden, so I don’t think I can do a bedikah even if I wanted to.

If they say they clean the car is that enough? If there is any chametz there is it my problem?


Upon receiving the car, you have to check it for chametz, and you should perform the bedikah before making use of the car. You are only exempt from bedikah if the person who used the car before you, or who cleaned the car, was a Torah observant Jew aware of the prohibition of chametz.

If you are receiving the car during the day, it is OK to check the car by sunlight, and with a flashlight to see the dark nooks and crevices of the car. Chametz can often get into the nooks and crannies of cars, and this obligates a proper “halachic” search.

No berachah is made on bedikas chametz of a car.

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