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Tevilah for Porcelain Tea Kettle

Does a poercelain tea kettle need to toveled with bracha? What about its cover?


The kettle and its cover should be toiveled, but not with a berachah.

Porcelain might have the halachah of cheres, clay, whereby it is exempt from tevilah. However, because of the method of porcelain production today, most poskim are stringent and obligate tevilah (seeing the porcelain utensil as being possibly similar to glass), but without a berachah.

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  1. Which most poskim do you mean that are machmir about porcelain?

    Could you possibly cite the mekoros. Thank you.

    1. There are no poskim that fully obligate, but there are several who write that one should be tovel, because of the concern that the dishes are considered to be coated with glass. See Aruch Hashulchan 120:9; Tevilas Keilim 11, note 131; Kuntress Tevilas Keilim, citing from Rabbi Ezriel Auerbach.

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