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Negative Feedback on Ebay

I recently bought an antique sefer from a Jewish book dealer in ebay. The name and address of the dealer are unknown. I paid immediately for the transaction, yet the sefer was never sent, the money was not returned and emails are not answered. My question is whether I am allowed to leave “negative feedback” on this dealer’s account on ebay for everyone to see. Is this Lasho harah, or can this be considered part of deal as sellers in ebay know before that they will receive feedback from their customers? Thanks


It is permitted and recommended to leave negative feedback.

This is the only means by which you are able to warn other customers of falling into the trap you fell into. It is for a to’eles, you are certain of the facts, and there is no other way to do it.

I don’t know the extent to which you have gone in trying to contact the seller, but perhaps you can also issue a warning that you are going to publish a negative report, and see if it helps.

For you consideration.

Best wishes.

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