I dreamt of my father who died almost two years ago. In the dream he was in a cold white room and he told me he was waiting for the judge! He was given 24 hours to come back home.

I would appreciate very much if you could explain the meaning of this dream. Noam.


Dream interpretation is unfortunately not our forte. The Gemara writes that some dreams, and in fact most dreams, are not meaningful, yet also writes that dreams can involve a form of prophecy.

When we see a departed one in our dreams, this often leaves us agitated, because we feel he is trying to convey us a message. This is especially true when a departed one appears “out of the blue” (I know of somebody who saw her in a dream for the first time some thirty-five years after her passing).

In the case of your dream, I cannot say what particular judgment the dream implies he is undergoing, or why this should come two years after his passing.

However, the Sages write that a person’s children can be a merit for their parents, and it is possible that in the time of his judgment, a parent will apear to his cihldren, as a “request” to perform good deeds for his merit.

It will therefore certainly be worthy to adopt some good deed in your father’s merit, such as the study of Mishnayot, or some other positive practice, whether in your interaction with others, or in your duties before Hashem.

Best wishes for a chag kasher ve-same’ach.

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