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Eating During Hagaddah


If someone ate by the reading of the Haggaddah since they were hungry (i.e. nuts or some sort of kosher l’pesach nosh — See R’ Wosner here that is l’maseh makil about eating) should they make a borei nafoshes before washing? What about then when they eat maror: should they make a new bracha ha’adoma?


Apparently, the regular laws of berachot will apply. If they plan to continue eating nuts during the meal, no berachah is made, but if they don’t plan to continue eating nuts during the meal, a new berachah is made.

The same applies to a new ha-adamah, which will depend on regular laws of berachot (similar to the halachah of ha’adamah on maror after the karpas, on which a berachah is already made).

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