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Saying Kriyas Shema Lying Down

With only a few min before the zeman kriyas shema someone had to go to the bathroom in a way that they wouldn’t be able to hold it back for 72 min. They said however when lying down the feeling of the need to go is not so strong. Is it possible then to say Kriyas Shema lying down since when standing up they feel more the need to use the bathroom then when lying down (seemingly in a way that it could be held back for 72 min.)?


If he has a few minutes to go, the recommended path is of course to go to the bathroom, and say Keriyas Shema after.

If this doesn’t work out, lying down does not appear to be an option, because the person still feels he needs to use the bathroom, and knows that he will be unable to wait the required time.

The fact he feels it less will not apparently help, for the feeling he experiences lying down remains a feeling of needing the bathroom  urgently, even though it is less felt than when he stands up.

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