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Informing the Supervisor over Insurance Companies


My wife was working for a frum company up until a year ago here in Israel. Due to budget cuts, she was let go. With this, she is due pitzuim (severance pay). She received most, but not all of it. Instead of getting the rest, her former employers told her to deal directly with the insurance company that they worked with, making it “her problem”.

When she called the company (owned and run by a supposedly-frum person), instead of taking her call, they constantly hung up on her, refusing to deal with her. Only a threat of getting a lawyer to intervene and persistent calling got them to start to ‘talk’.

Unfortunately, this person started to use delaying tactics, including, “Your money will be in your account in 30 business days”.

That day came and past and we have nothing from them.

There is an office, run by the State, which oversees insurance practices that we were told we can contact. We would like to email them our complaint, copying the insurance company and her former employer and naming them both in the email. We are hoping that before the Medina steps in, they will actually do something to get our money into our hands.

I would like to know if it’s permissible to go to the “authorities” in such a manner.

Thank you very much!


To the best of my knowledge, the office that supervises insurance agencies is not a “court of law” of any sort, and and as an insurance company, the company you are dealing with is automatically under the supervision of the office, which ensures the efficient function of insurance companies.

It is not sanctioned to punish, and only to order the company to function as it should. Therefore, I don’t see a problem with turning to them.

However, before doing so, I would advise writing an email to the company, and informing them that if they don’t transfer payment within, say, a week, you will turn to the supervisor’s office.

Best wishes.

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