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Chinuch for Shehecheyanu

Should I have my child who is at the age of Chinuch, say a Birchas Shecheyanu on a new toy that he receives, similar to the way adults say it on a new car, clothing. If yes, does the toy have to be an expensive one, or is it enough that the child is very happy upon receiving the present?

Thanks in Advance,

Yaacov Silverstein


Yes, if the child has reached the age of chinuch for berachos, and he receives a gift that brings him joy, he should recite the Shehecheyanu blessing. My children did so recently for their new bicycles.

The gift doesn’t have to be especially expensive, but it should be “important” enough to cause significant joy.

A simple gift will not usually bring such joy to chinuch-obligated children, and it is part of the chinuch that the blessing is only made over “important” items.

Best wishes.

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