Someone who has a goyish neighbor that sells bread. May they buy from him? (i.e. Is this considered like pas palter or pas bal habayis?)


The bread of a non-Jew who sells bread from his home is considered “pas nachtom” (her isn’t a paltar, but a nachtom), and it is permitted (though it remains non-ideal), as the Rema rules (Yoreh De’ah 112:2).

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2 Responses to “Bread Baked by non-Jewish Neighbor”

  1. this is according to strict HALACHA but today that bread hav a lot of ingredients what need HECHSHER its not allowed to eat PAS AKOM it could have TREIFAH oil etc.

    • This is true, and ingredients need to be verified, though to my knowledge, the use of animal fats and oils in standard commencial bread is rare.

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