Someone took a chocolate bar and melted it down in a ben yom fleishig pot. They then pour the chocolate onto a cheese cake. Is the cheese cake muter to eat with the chocolate?


The Rema (Yoreh De’ah 95:2) writes that bedieved, it is permitted to eat the combination — though lechatchilah it is not permitted to mix something cooked in a ben-yomo meaty pot with dairy food.

Once poured into the cheese cake, the situation is bedieved, and it is permitted for consumption.

The answer assumes of course that the chocolate was parev.

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Melted in Meaty Pot”

  1. Perhaps there would be a makom lhachmir since the chocolate bar was placed into the pot without water thus being considered to be a case of nat bar nat al yadei tzli (which the Shach is machmir for even in such a case) and not bishul?

    • The Shach (95:4) and the Taz both mention the opinion of the Maharshal that tzali is more stringent. There are two possible ways of understanding this. One is that the heiter of nat bar nat only applies where there are three nat’s, as is the general case for bishul. The other is that usually even two nat’s are fine, but that there is a special “strength of taste” in tzali on a spit (on the fire).
      According to the first way, it will come out that when food is cooked with sauce, the bedieved halacha of eating with dairy will apply to the food, but not to the sauce. I have not seen this chumra in the poskim, and therefore the assumption is that the stringency applies specifically to a spit (on the fire), and not to cooking in a pot. [See, however, the Nekudas Ha-Kessef, who mentions three nat’s in explaining the Rema.]
      In any case, the Shulchan Aruch and the Rema do not distinguish between cooking and roasting (see Beis Yosef), and although the Shach cites the Maharshal, he does not decide the halachah in his favor.
      I have not checked the writings of later poskim — please cite if you have further sources.

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