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Women in Birkas Ha-Mazon

After eating a meal – Someone that is in sofek if they said birchas hamazon and his wife didn’t yet say birchas hamazon may she be motzee him?

If an isha forgets to say Yaleh V’Yavo in bentching on Yom Tov, realizing there is a maklokes in this, what’s the psak halacha l’maseh.


If the man ate until he was full, his wife should not say birkas ha-mazon on his behalf. If, however, he ate but did not become full, his wife can bench on his behalf (based on Shulchan Aruch 186:1; Mishnah Berurah 3, and Shaar Hazion 1).

If a woman forgets ya’aleh ve-yavo, she can recite benching again (see Biur Halachah s.v. elah). Although there is some doubt as to this matter, many rishonim maintain that a woman is obligated min ha-Torah, and therefore this is the principle ruling.

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