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Donating Maaser Money to Kollelim

Harav Yosef Fleischman brings in his article on maaser kesafim that maaser kesafim should only be donated to the poor. Would donating to kollels or yeshivas considered to be donating to the poor? Thanks.


Yes, donating to kollelim is considered giving to the poor, because those who study in kollelim are generally poor, and because yeshiva boys don’t usually have an independent income — though some are certainly supported by their parents.

As Rav Fleishman notes, poskim write that the most elevated form of tzekadah is donating to needy Torah scholars, and this is certainly fulfilled by donation to kollelim.

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  1. Perhaps this shailo should have been paskened from someone outside of an institution that solicits donations for it’s Torah Scholars ;)

    1. The rabbis answering the question are not involved in fundraising, and some of them do their duties without pay. However, the point is a fair point… On the other hand, over we we really *know* that many of the kolel students are truly needy of financial support.

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