Can one become a nazir today?


In principle, one can become a nazir today. This will obligate the person in all the laws of nazirus, i.e. avoiding all wine and grape products, and not cutting hair.

It is not generally recommended to become a nazir today, because one cannot offer the sacrifices that conclude the nezirus period, so that somebody who becomes a nazir will be doing so for life.

In addition, the opinion of the Raavad is that even a precondition of defilement is forbidden for a nazir, and not only becoming defile (with tumas meis), and this is another reason to avoid nezirus.

Therefore, we do not find (many) people taking on nezirus today.


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4 Responses to “Becoming a Nazir Today”

  1. When he no longer desires his nezirus, can he annul it like other vows?

    • In principle, yes, but this is contingent on the laws of hataras nedarim, which don’t always permit a person to annul the vow.

  2. And not be required to bring sacrifices, and in such a case would his nezirus be retroactively not worth anything? Or will there still be zechus?

    • If he annuls the vow, there is retroactively no neder and no nezirus. It might still be a zechus in his self-training and striving for self-perfection.

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