Does a water filter machine (like a small one that fits on a kitchen counter — in Israel like a “tami bar” — or even a large one that stands on the floor — a larger Tami machine or Mei Eden one) that has in it metal celim that the water goes into, do they need tevilah?


The common custom is to be lenient concerning mini-bars, and not to obligate tevilas keilim for the container, even if it is made of metal.

The reason for this is that the mini-bar is not portable, and therefore does not receive the status of a utensil that would be obligated in tevilah.

See Pischei Teshuvah, Yoreh De’ah 120:6, citing from Shev Yaakov; although the Pischei Teshuvah (1) also cites from the Choshmas Adam to be stringent, the widespread custom is to be lenient in this matter.

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