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Donation from Non-Jews for Aliyah

What is the halacha regrading taking money from Christians who promote aliyah? More specifically, my wife’s grandmother is currently in the process of making aliyah, but doesn’t seem to be able to afford bringing a lift. There is a non-missionary Christian organization that gives grants for Jews to be able to bring lifts here to Israel. My father a”h had a lot of personal contact with them and after following and investigating them for many months he came to the conclusion that they are sincerely not interested in converting us at all. They reject what they call “Replacement Theology” and one time one of them even insisted that my father let him take out the garbage saying that in the end of days it’s his job to serve the Jews. Anyway, given that that is the case is it still problematic to receive money from them to bring a lift?


Under these circumstances, there is no problem in receiving money from non-Jews.

The donation should be given discreetly, without publication.

For sources on this question, please see here.

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