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Women for Reciting Yaknehaz

A woman’s husband went away for Shavuos this year (where Shavuos came out Motzei Shabbos.) May she make Kiddush herself with saying havdallah in the middle or is it better to go to someone else to hear kiddush and havdallah together.


There is no difference between the havdalah of the year round, and the special havdalah of Yom Tov that falls on Motza’ei Shabbos.

Although a woman can make the kiddush part of yakne’haz, she should not make the havdalah part, and should rather be yotzei with a man.

This appears simple, for why should there be a difference, and see also Nitei Gavriel (Erev Pesach She-chal Be-Shabbos Chap. 38) who gives this ruling.

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  1. The Nitei Gavriel that you pointed out does say that if they want they may say the nusach of havdallah in kiddush and proceeds to bring on the bottom all of the mareh makomos to this. Perhaps in our case where the isha is by herself with family and the husband is gone we wouldn’t be matriach her to find a neighbor to be motzei her in havdallah…

    1. Fair enough. Note that in principle, a woman can say havdallah on her own even on a normal motza’ei shabbos. I would agree that there is certainly no obligation to go to a neighbor.

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