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Appointing Shaliach in his Absence

Someone wants to be m’amid a shliach to perform a certain task. The shliach knows the person wants him to do the task however the person didn’t actually tell him yet. Must the person tell the shliach that he is making him his shliach. Is it enough for the person to say it without the shliach hearing (just that he makes a general statement and is m’galel his das that he wants this person to be a shliach.)

All of this in order that it should be “b’Toras Shlichus”.


The Shulchan Aruch (Even ha-Ezer 141:14, citing from the Tur) writes that a Shaliah can be made even in the absernce of the shaliach. Some understand that the Rema (141:35) means to dispute this ruling. See Pischei Teshuvah no. 35.

See at length the Sedei Chemed 19, Get, 1, who cites many authorities, and writes that bedieved, one can certainly be lenient in the context of a get.

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