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Pan Placed on Materna Powder

A mixture of materna (powdered milk) and normal flour spilled on a fleishig counter. A person then by mistake put on top of the counter with the powdered mixture a hot frying pan with meat inside. What’s the din on the pan and the meat?

(The person is in sofek whether the powdered substance was from the materna or the flour. As well a bit in sofek where exactly he put it down on the counter.)


If the pan was placed on the materna powder, the food would be find, but the pan would require hag’alah. A hot pan placed on a cold surface can only prohibit to the depth of a kelipah, which will not affect the food, but will affect the pan.

The safek of where the pot was placed is a little odd — the person can check the bottom of the pan to see whether any powder is on it. If there is powder, there is a safek as to whether or not the pan touched the milk powder, so that hag’alah is required. If there is a doubt as to whether any powder touched the pan or not, there is no need for hag’alah.

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