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Counting Seven Days of Shivah

Someones Father (lo aleinu) was nifter in America on Sunday. The family came with the nifter from America to be burried in Eretz Yisrael on Monday (al col panim arrived on Monday.) On Monday is when the Kevurah took place. They then went back to America on Wed. Until when do they sit Shiva?


Shiva is sat from the day of the kevurah, for a total of seven days. In this case, the count of seven days begins on Monday, and will conclude on Sunday morning (because part of the day is considered as the entire day).

The travel time in the middle doesn’t make a difference.

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  1. We have friends who are sitting shiva. We are not jewish. How many times do we go to shiva?

    1. once is usually the norm but if you feel additional visits will be appreciated you can go again

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