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Wine Handled by Non-Idolatrous non-Jew

Does a Ben Noah who believes in Hashem, recognizes the Torah, even the Oral Law, and so on, render wine into yayin nesech?


If we know that the non-Jew believes in Hashem and does not worship idolatry, it is permitted to derive benefit from the wine, but not to drink it.

This (stringency) applies to wine that is not mevushal.

See Shulchan Aruch 124:6 (concerning a non-Jew who we know does not worship idolatry); see also Taz 123:2, and see Shoel Venishal 6:142; Ben Ish Chai Balak 4; Yashiv Moshe 1:203. Concerning wine that has been cooked, see Minchas Yitzchak vol. 7, no. 61.

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    1. It is forbidden to drink stam yeinam even of non-Jews who don’t practice idolatry — but it is permitted to derive benefit from it.

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