Someone on a family trip took pictures of their small children to share with not frum family in America. It made it’s way into the picture an image of a young girl (9 years old) where you can see part of her leg and above her knee (the rest of her guf is clothed and facing away from the camera.) Is there a problem of sending such an image lichatchila to people that are not family where perhaps not frum men might see it?


I don’t see any problem in this.

It is hardly likely to inspire any improper thoughts, and the question of saying keriyas shema in front of the picture does not seem to be a significant issue (in any case the Chazon Ish ruled that there is no problem concerning pictures — see Maaseh Ish Vol. 5; Otzros Ha-Berachah on Beriyas Shema p. 136), so that I don’t think any problem is involved.

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