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Water from Dairy Urn

We have a hot water urn that is used mainly for milchige coffee. Someone filled a fleishig plastic cup with pareve tea from this urn and then spilled the hot tea into the fleishig sink in which there were pieces of chicken and various fleishig non clean dishes. What is the status of the fleishig sink/dishes now?


Everything is fine, and nothing needs to be done.

Although the urn is used for milchig coffee, this does not make the water in the urn dairy.


It is possible that the urn was used to pour directly onto milk. However, concept of “nitzok ke-chibbur” (a flow of liquid forms a connection) for matters of milk and meat, and for matters of kashrus in general, is complex (we will not enter the discussion here; see at length Otzaros Yerushalayim Vol. 11).

The basic sources for the question are the Rema, Yoreh De’ah 105, Shach and Taz and other authorities; the stringent opinion is mentioned in Darchei Teshuvah 92:129, citing from Yad Yehudah.

Even for those who are stringent not to use the same urn for pouring directly onto meat and into milk, the water in the urn will certainly not be considered dairy for purposes of affecting meaty dishes.

This is the more true for a regular urn, which is generally used for pouring into clean cups, and not onto dairy foods.

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