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Selling Megillah to Reform Congregation

Is a sofer STa”M allowed to write/sell a megillas esther to a reform congregation (in the usa) knowing the possibility that it may:
A. Not be treated with proper respect.
B. Be read (with a bracha) by a woman.


Some authorities are stringent about this matter, considering the sale of a sefer Torah of other religious article as a siyu’a for a devar aveirah.

However, Rav Moshe Feinstein (Yoreh De’ah 1:174) is lenient concerning selling (even) a sefer Torah to a Conservative shul, even though they don’t keep the mitzvos (as noted in the teshuvah), and it stands to reason that the same will apply to a Reform community, provided that they afford the sefer Torah (the Megillah, in our case) proper respect.

I think that in general, it can be assumed that they will respect the Megillah, and it can therefore be sold. If there are grounds to think otherwise, the Megillah should not be sold.

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