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Compliments from Hashem

We know that Dovid Hamelach accepted rebuke from SHIMMI ben GERA, and said that its all from Hashem. However, what if a person receives a compliment from another person, should we accept it as if Hashem has sent us a compliment as well, and thus feel good about it. Nothing happens without a reason.


I suppose this can be done.

In general, it is far easier to accept a compliment than it is to accept rebuke. The idea of ‘seeing it as coming from Hashem’ is important in helping us accept rebuke, and it is not generally mentioned in connection with compliments, which are easy to accept anyway.

Furthermore, whereas compliments are nice, there are not usually life-changing, whereas rebuke can be. We therefore associate rebuke with Hashem, who is involved in life-changing affairs, and less with compliments.

Yet, compliments can also be very meaningful, and the idea remains true.

Best wishes.

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