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Amending Name on Tombstone

Dear Rabbonim,

My father pre-decreased my grandfather by 10years. On seeing my grandfather’s tombstone I recalled a discrepancy between the two stones.

My grandfather on his stone is called Nota Moshe and on my fathers he is called Noson Moshe.
This historically arose due to change of Rabbonim in his local shul at an old and Nota seems to have slipped to Noson for at least the last 20years of his life.
I assume that the Kesuva which says Nota is the correct source but my question is does my father’s tombstone require amending?

Thank you

Michael Burns


There is no need to amend the writing on the tombstone.

Writing names on a tombstone is a matter of custom, and there is no obligation of doing so. Therefore, if the name was written a little wrong, there is no need to fix it.

Best wishes.


Gesher Ha-Chaim, chap. 28 (end).

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